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The Capelli NY project was made for Studioetc ( This was a tender project, the conditions of paying for the drawing of this project were as follows: payment of a sketch + bonus for awarded project, if this project is chosen by Capelli NY and it will be built up by Studioetc.


My project was approved in Capelli NY and Studioetc won the tender. Studioetc paid my first invoice for the sketch and then within half a year after building and finishing the exhibition I tried to get a bonus payment for the tender won and the built-up project. After half a year of waiting and constant questions about the status of payment, I received a response from Mackenzie Turner ( that they are not ready to pay the bonus for the project they won and that their designer subsequently did all the work on preparing and finalizing the design (after winning the tender they did not ask me to do any further work). The official answer was (quoting):


Yes, I received your message and had a follow-up to it. David had to re-render the whole of the booth and it had to be re-designed to fit the budgetary restriction of the US. Based on these findings, we do not feel that the full commission should be awarded in this case.”


After such an answer, they completely stopped communicating.
As you can see from the photos, my draft design is not much different from the modified Studioetc project. My project was simply stolen, they paid only a small part and refused to pay the principal, violating our pre-agreement with this company.


Please beware of cooperation with Studioetc (

Capelli NewYork

NSCAA 2018

Philadelphia, PA, USA


800 sq.ft.

Capelli NY NSCAA 8
Capelli NY NSCAA 1
Capelli NY NSCAA 2
Capelli NY NSCAA 3
Capelli NY NSCAA 4
Capelli NY NSCAA 5
Capelli NY NSCAA 6
Capelli NY NSCAA 7
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