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Taking part in the exhibition is a great way to introduce yourself to a wide range of potential business partners and customers. We can help you to make it on a high level with maximum comfort.  To the current time, we have designed more than 1100 exhibition stands in 53 countries and 107 cities of the world. Exclusive and creative design, the exact date of the project delivery, reliable pricing - that's our key to long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. No longer need to worry about the upcoming exhibition - just trust the professionals. You only need to fill in our brief form and send a floor plan of the exhibition pavilion with indicating the location of your stand.


Our Services

Exhibition design

Any size

Any complexity

Any material

Any budget

Just fill in the brief form and

send it to us ;)

Exhibition booth concepts

Want to participate in different exhibitions all over the year with one concept? We can help you and make a general design project which can be transformed into various sizes

Virtual Exhibition

As virtual meetings and conferences become more common, we can only assume that online trade shows are next. We can offer you personal exlusive virtual booth design. 

3D visualisation

You have an idea of what you need - we have the abilities to create it  in 3D. Just let us know what you want 

Meet The Team


Vladimir Kan

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Started my way in exhibition design since graduating from university in far 2006. 

I beleive this area of services is dynamic, fast growing, with a great potentional for the companies to tell about themselves to a modern world.


Valentina Kan

Exhibition design has become my second profession after a journalist's job.
I consider design as a flight of creative thought in the strict framework of technical requirements, budget and customer wishes. The result of this symbiosis of fantasy freedom and existing realities is always interesting.

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